Thursday nights at 8 is our large group weekly meeting in the ARC Multi-Purpose room #6.
Small groups are held throughout the week across campus.

Socials and other events can be found on our facebook page

Fall Getaway: Sept 30-Oct 2
Happens every year before Turkey break. You seriously don’t want to miss this. It rocks. You get to know most of the people in Cru at the Fall Getaway!

IndyCC: Dec. 28-Jan. 1
Crazy awesome. Will change your life. Don’t miss the winter conference: IndyCC. Get excited.

Spring Break in Panama City:
Spring break trip! Join us on a crazy bus trip down to Big Break for the annual Cru spring break conference. You’ll hear awesome speakers, participate in beach outreaches and stay in a sweet pad at PCB.

Summer Missions:
Some say they are the best thing we do… ask anyone who has been on one! A whole summer set apart to help you grow in your relationship with God – who could say “no” to that? Plus they happen in a bunch of really cool locations. Lots more info is available here about summer projects.